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Client Partners

Milton's approach to equity work enables clients to understand how power relationships, practices, and policies conspire to stifle creativity, intellectual rigor, and social cohesion, which deprive people of their dignity and full membership in work and school environments. Reach out to Milton if you'd like more specifics about the work he's done with any of these partner organizations. 

I have known Milton since 2011. As a teacher, I found his professional development presentation inspiring, compelling and aligned with my vision for a socially just world. Milton's discussion of structural inequity and race theory left a lasting imprint on me. When I stepped into leadership as an Assistant Principal, I invited Milton to lead professional learning on equity and inclusion for our staff at Edna Brewer Middle School. Milton inspired our staff to examine unconscious bias and step into the discomfort of examining our privilege. Milton brings over 30 years of experience in leading professional learning for educators and educational leaders. Every equity and inclusion focused educator and educational leader needs a coach like Milton to push them hard to dig a little deeper into their conscience, biases and privilege. I will continue to lean on Milton to help me lead difficult conversations about race, class, gender, structural inequity and access to education and opportunity.

Mukta Sambrani

Principal, Lincoln Elementary School, Oakland, CA

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