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Milton Reynolds

Career educator, author, equity and inclusion consultant, activist.


Thought Leader.

     Strategic Thinker.

            Community Activist. 


Partnering with non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and global organizations to promote change, critical thinking, and improve the lives of others.

Why Milton Reynolds Consulting

Milton Reynolds leverages an unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge in his practice, through an extensive understanding of the history of eugenics and critical race theory. With over thirty years of service in this work, Milton’s facilitation includes an incisive grasp of social science research and pedagogy. His training is focused on participant-centered approaches to learning, creating experiences for his clients that are engaging, intellectually provocative, and revelatory.

By focusing his efforts on illuminating the patterns and processes of differential identification and racialization, as opposed to identity and race, he helps clients transform their colorblind socialization to race and similar categories of difference. Participants shift from viewing these issues as static, disjointed, and primarily historical, towards recognition of these issues as connected. Moreover, understanding the forces that generate inequitable outcomes as continual, cumulative, and contextual. This approach to equity work enables clients to understand how power relationships, practices, and policies conspire to stifle creativity, intellectual rigor, and social cohesion, which deprive people of their dignity and full membership in work and school environments. Ultimately, impoverishing our ability to engage collaboratively and align energy and action around shared outcomes.

His talent as a facilitator, pedagogical mastery, and robust grasp of history enables him to partner with clients in educational and business environments. Milton designs context-specific professional development experiences that consistently expand understanding, build community, and increase capacity. Milton’s approach honors the complexity of change as a process, not a singular event. By creating an atmosphere of risk-taking and creating shared knowledge, his work mitigates harm and develops agency, which participants consistently remark to be unique and enjoyable.

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