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Seeing Race Again

Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines

By Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Luke Charles Harris, Daniel Martinez HoSang, George Lipsitz

Chapter 16 -- Shifting Frames: Pedagogical Interventions in Colorblind Teaching Practices

By Milton Reynolds

Leading in the Belly of the Beast: School Leadership in a System Designed to Fail

By Trevor W. Gardner

Milton Reynolds, Contributor 

Handbook of Social Justice in Education

Chapter 46 -- Keeping it Real

By Milton Reynolds

The Screen

Engaging Conversations Online and Off - The OC for Social Studies

Moderated by Milton Reynolds with Stacey Kertsman and Hope Teague-Bowling

The OER Conference for K-12 Social Studies  August 5-7, 2020  We’re all exploring ways to ensure our students’ learning – and our own – continues to advance. Our new professional development conference for social studies can help meet those needs.

Education and the New Human Biotechnologies - Tarrytown 2011

Milton Reynolds

Milton Reynolds of Facing History and Ourselves discusses some of the hurdles faced by educators in teaching history of eugenics at the high-school level, as well as some of the opportunities for addressing these challenges.

Reframing Race: A Process of Reckoning

Milton Reynolds

Talking Biopolitics

Rob Wilson and Milton Reynolds

This live online event is part of Talking Biopolitics 2015, a series of conversations with cutting-edge thinkers about the social meaning of human biotechnologies.

How Private is your DNA?

Scientists are now able to map our bodies’ DNA with increasing ease and decreasing costs. But what is being done with this information and for whose benefit? How much control do we have over our genetic information and what can we do to protect our privacy?

Patent Pending: The rise of Genetically Modified Human Beings

5th Annual NorCal PBIS/School Climate Symposium Keynote

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